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Aflatoxin - Health Risks of Chronic Exposure

Aflatoxin - Health Risks of Chronic Exposure

Learn what are the health effects of consuming aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mycotoxin chemicals which are produced by certain molds (Aspergillus parasiticus and Aspergillus...

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Aflatoxin-The cancer agents

What are aflatoxins Source of aflatoxins Food contaminationm.

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Aflatoxin and Mycotoxin Risks

Dr. Hutjens from the University of Illinois discusses Aflatoxin and Mycotoxin Risks.

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Aflatoxin Research

University of Arkansas plant pathologists are advising farmers on how to prevent the fungal disease aflatoxin from damaging their crop.

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Managing aflatoxins in peanut

Aflatoxins are toxins produced by molds that grows on peanuts, corn and other foods.To have healthy peanuts, it is important to care for them throughout their growth, but especially during...

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Determination of Aflatoxins

The method describes the determination of aflatoxin in animal feed. It can only be used with a written method. It is aimed to provide newcommers an illustrative impression how the method is...

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Rapid Test Aflatoxin FREE

QuickTox for QuickScan – Aflatoxin FREE provides fast, quantitative and traceable results for Aflatoxin Contacts: Generon S.p.A. Stradello Aggazzotti, 104 41126 MODENA - Italy Tel 39 059...

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Cancer Aflatoxin

You can comfortably view more of this informative research at www.HopeForYourCancer.com.

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Aflatoxin Awareness


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Aflatoxin problem in Groundnut

Reusable Learning Object (RLO) of Groundnut from ICRISAT Scientists.

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Aflatoxin - Medical Definition

https://word2speech.com/medical/ Aflatoxin Aflatoxin: A toxin produced by mold that can damage the liver and may lead to liver cancer. Aflatoxins cause cancer in some animals. The fungi that...

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Dealing With Aflatoxin

Wyffels Hybrids Product Development Manager Bob Jackson talks about how to best deal with aflatoxin in grain and management tips.

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Reveal for Aflatoxin Training


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Future of Food Summit 2015 - Aflatoxin

This panel considers and debates one of the greatest obstacles to food security in many parts of the world: mycotoxin. Aflatoxin is a particularly dangerous mycotoxin produced predominantly...

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Aflatoxin: Cause for liver cancer

Aflatoxin contamination a major threat to food security and food safety. Experts warn that aflatoxin contamination is contributing to stunting in children in Kenya, with studies showing that...

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Determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk

This application note describes a fast and isocratic method for the determination of aflatoxin M1 in milk and raw milk with an easy post column derivatization step using a UVE photochemical...

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GrainPro Aflatoxin Test Kit (Precise)

Rapid testing of aflatoxin B1 contamination in corn, nuts, and other dry agricultural grains.

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Determination of aflatoxin B1 in animal feed

The method described has been validated in 1999 under co-ordination of the JRC Ispra. This video is complementary to the written standard operation procedure being also available in the JRC...

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Maize Aflatoxin Research

Monica Schmidt at the School of Plant Sciences, BIO5 Institute talks about her research into eliminating harmful aflatoxins from maize crops. Want to see more? Click the link below! https://uanews...

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Aflatoxin biosensor

This is video about innovative project of team ITB_Indonesia on iGEM 2013 This video is submitted to Bio.Fiction : International Synthetic Biology Film Festival 2014. Please, check it out!

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Aflatoxin Contamination


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Aflatoxin in cattle 2017Urdu/hindi

How mycotoxins can alter the productivity of your cows. Information about MTx , MmiS toxin binders in dairy production.

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Aflatoxin Procedure


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Aflatoxin Meaning

Video shows what aflatoxin means. Any of a family of mycotoxins, produces by molds of the Aspergillus genus, that can be toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic; typically found as contaminan...

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Reveal Q MAX for Aflatoxin Training

Neogen is pleased to provide training for its Reveal Q MAX for Aflatoxin test kit. For more information, please visit neogen.com or call 800-234-5333.

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Ground Nuts and Aflatoxin.flv


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Bio-Shield Aflatoxin M1 Elisa

www.prognosis-biotech.com Bio-Shield M1 is an ELISA test for the detection of aflatoxin M1 in cow, sheep or goat milk. ELISA kit characteristics: • Competitive Quantitative ELISA test...

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How to Eliminate Aflatoxins

How to Eliminate Aflatoxins Video Clip.

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A rapid test for Aflatoxin M1 in milk (0.05ppb)

Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed Aflatoxin M1 rapid test kits that allows you to detect and discriminate Aflatoxin M1 in a milk sample. The whole test takes 10 min.

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Controlling Aflatoxin to Improve Food Safety

Presented by Dr Mary Fletcher Senior Research Fellow Centre for Animal Science, QAAFI ABSTRACT Aflatoxin is a carcinogenic mycotoxin or fungal metabolite produced by Aspergillus fungal species...

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First mobile low-cost device developed for rapid detection of aflatoxins

Timeline (40 years) on ICRISAT's research on Aflatoxin: http://www.icrisat.org/aflatoxin-timeline/ Rapid test kit (Lateral flow device) development A new improved method to detect aflatoxins...

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Tackling the Aflatoxin Menace in Groundnuts in Kenya

In 2012, ICRISAT, with funding from the Peanut Collaborative Research and Support Program, created this video documenting why and how east African farmers are battling aflatoxin contamination.

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Aflatoxin contaminated peanut from Chiquimula flourescing under UV light


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Aspergillus Ear Rot - Screening for Aflatoxin

Aspergillus ear rot is being detected in stressed corn this year. Grain elevators are commonly screening harvested corn with a black light for fluorescence, which may signal the presence of...

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